Community Programs

We are dedicated to integrating the local and foreign community into our program to make it sustainable. We are promoting programs that educate children on how to make a difference in keeping the environment clean, their bodies and minds strong, and the animal population healthy. Surfers For Strays has been involved in schools, summer camps, and after school programs that teach children how to surf in a clean ocean and how to handle and care for animals through slideshows and live presentations. It is our goal to bring awareness to the community on how they can better care for animals and if they don’t have the financial means, then to provide services for them to take advantage of.

community surfing clinic
community surfing lessons


Our goal is to combine our love for surfing into a program where children volunteer in different ways in our program and then in turn are given free surf lessons where they can also surf with pups that love the water. This empowers children and teaches them that animals are unique and deserve unconditional love and proper care.