Spay and Neuter

This is our mission! We are proud to be implementing a weekly program here in Troncones where locals can take their pets to our village doctor to be spayed and neutered at low or no cost. On top of that, we are supporting as many campaigns as possible and are creating our own which we will host on April 28th in the village of Boca Lagunillas. We were proud to do an ad don to the local clinic hosted in Troncones by our mentors Tina Morse and Jen Schwab this last November in the village of Pantla. It was the first of it’s kind. Our goal is to sponsor or host at least four major campaigns in Troncones and surrounding villages a year. On top of that it is the continual efforts that we will make with our local Dr. Carl and Dr. Rocio to do as many as we can raise money for on a weekly basis. This is where the majority of your donation will go!