Our Mission

Surfers For Strays is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization that reduces the number of stray animals in Mexico through spay and neuter programs and inspires compassion and awareness for the humane treatment of neglected animals, through education, rehabilitation and adoption programs.
Although we take on a small handful of rescue cases monthly, the problem of stray animals is too overwhelming to concentrate on this. We know that it is the spay and neuter programs that will really make a difference in the long run. With that being said, we do accept a small amount of cases according to the availability of fosters in our program who can host at any given time. With time and consistent effort in sterilization, we hope to to keep chipping away at reducing the numbers of animals in the stray population. We would like to thank Helen Krebs from Casa Marina in Zihuatenejo and Tina Morse and Jen Schwab for their efforts in Troncones. They have been our mentors and examples in the communities on how collectively we can really make a difference.

black dog
Aloha, our dear mascot, left for dead when dumped at a surf break in Michoachan.
black dog
Our first rescue
girl surfing
Our favorite upcoming national champ surfer Julietta who took part in our Surfers For Strays summer camp.